Folkloric Swiss Cattle Drive

Tourists come to the small Swiss village of Appenzell to see the traditional descent 
from the alps of the herdsmen with their cattle. 
This photo essay captures the moment the herdsmen arrive at home. 
The moment when they gather for one last song while swinging the bells.

"It is a six hour descent from the alps until home, but I insist we all wear the leather shoes like our ancestors. It would be easy to walk in fancy hiking shoes, but those stiff leather shoes, those are tradition." Tradition is a vital part of Appenzell Innerrohden, the smallest canton of Switzerland. Not only is it famous for its cheese, but also for being rich in cultural customs. The cattle stay on the alp during the summer on the meadows and at the end of the grazing season, the descent from the alp is a celebrated tradition. The herdsman wear traditional festive costumes and sing and yodel during the procession.  

Sources: Official Tourism Website of Appenzell 

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