Westcoast, Westcoast

2 weeks. 2 friends. 2 suitcases. And three cities: Seattle, San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Thanks Amorette Vierheller for those wonderful moments.

I shot with my DSLR and my Compact Film Camera 35mm.

Seattle Skyline, Seattle Colors

Magnolia Neighboorhood, Seattle

All you need for traveling

Found Yellow in Seattle

Completely in love with the VICE September Issue

Pike Market Place

Gay Pride Crossing Seattle

35 mm Colors

Golden Gate

San Fransisco Tilt

Bay Area

Golden Shapes

Need I say more?

San Fransisco Architecture

Redwood Forest

Orange VW

The smell of fall

Street Details in Sausalito, SF

Street Details in Sausalito, SF

Street Details in Sausalito, SF

Painters in San Fransisco

Fog at Santa Monica Beach

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Arts District

Pink Bike in Eagle Rock

Iced Coffee in LA

Santa Monica Colors

Sunsets in Los Angeles

Light passes through trees in Redwood Forest close to San Fransisco

The light, the sun, the wind, the breeze, the salt, the orange, the yellow, the green.

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