Au revoir

“Au revoir” – that means goodbye in the sense of “See you again”. For me it means “Goodbye for now”, and it means thankfully looking back at the last four years I spent in Stuttgart. I created this little series with the intent of seeing because of leaving.

 A couple of days ago, I moved to Vancouver. And if you know you’ll leave a place, you’ll leave your country everything becomes valuable: Your last stroll through this street, the last time you see this person, the last time you walk up this stair, the last time you go to work, the last time you take the S-Bahn to university and so on.

These are a few shots I took along the way between packing, planning, saying goodbye and buying christmas gifts. 

In golden spring…

…and frosty winter

The air was so cold, but this wall was in a spicy red

Yellow crane in the sky next to my house

You start seeing Germany with other eyes

He sells Christmas trees on Marienplatz as a family tradition

A beam of light in the staircase of my sisters house

Long words

My favourite Indian restaurant

A house in my neighborhood

Plastic palm trees of my neighbors

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