I love color, portraits, people and popcorn. But that's not my whole philosophy. 

I'm Damaris,
a German photographer
 who relocated to Vancouver,
British Columbia. 

Most of the time, I'm much more interested
in the WHY rather than the HOW.
WHY did I become a photographer?
Simple answer:

To be seen means to be valued and that is one of the most profound
things in the world. 

And that's why I love to make photographs: To see, so that the subject in front of my camera is seen and valued.


I earned a Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Marketingcommunication from Stuttgart Media University. In the past two years during my studies, I worked as a freelance photographer and at fischerAppelt, an advertising agency.


Since 2016 I started working for various clients and assignments while shooting personal Portrait and Documentary projects.

Too much words and BlaBlaBla? 

Don't worry.

Wether you are a person or a brand:
I want to see you.
To document you and your life.
Your creations, your universe.
Simply write me and we'll meet.

Fill this form out. 
Or DM me. 
Or write me an email at 

Je parle aussi francais. Ich spreche auch Deutsch.

Instagram: @damarisriedinger

Thank you to all the people displayed here and for lending me their beauty. 
And Thanks to you for stopping by on my website!

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